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  • Inês Souto Gonçalves

Being an empath (and setting healthy boundaries)

Being an empath (and setting healthy boundaries)

In our world, it is common for empaths and gentle and sensitive souls to feel overwhelmed.

Nothing lasts forever. But some things feel that way: some pains, patterns, uncertainties, and destructive realities.

Although they can originate the natural cycle of rebirth, not all destruction or pain leads to growth, change, evolution, and Love.

We all have our aligned divine timings: to wake up, to act, to change, and to heal. But we also have freewill to remain in our comfort zones, even when new doors of Creation open towards our next levels of evolution.

The courage to choose, to affirm to the Universe with the inner conviction of a mountain - which touches Heaven but is firmly rooted in the Earth - what our Soul desires and is no longer available to changes everything.

As a gentle soul and empath, it took me many years to embrace this strength and courage within me. For many years, I believed that I had no option. In a way, I lived in my comfort zone: that of suffering. I was so used to this way of being. I didn't know how to deal with all my emotions and sensitivities. I felt like a victim of the world, a sponge. In a way, I wasn't claiming my personal space. Not even in my own body.

In one of the darkest moments of my existence, during which I felt like being between a rock and a hard place on a spiritual level, on the verge of becoming invisible, without strength, I finally woke up. At that time, I finally found out: I have limits and boundaries. We all have. It is healthy to define them well so that the world does not do it for us.

From my experience as a gentle soul and a healer,

Accepting our healthy boundaries is one of the fundamental steps towards

Healing and Inner Love (also Love for the world and others).

It is not to judge anyone but to define the actions that we allow in our sphere.

The learning continues. Sometimes, I still have days when this commitment is put to the test again. With gratitude, I free people or situations that, through pain, show me the way not to go and teach me the art of discernment.

As sensitive souls and empaths, we often feel and carry energies and physical and emotional pain from other people and places.

At first, learning how to set healthy boundaries can feel challenging: a little inflexible, almost radical. We may be in great pain and have little tolerance towards many relationships and situations. We may close ourselves to the world, in a way, inwardly, looking for our Light. This choice is a natural step in our spiritual healing path.

As we peel away the layers of pain and distorted ideas about ourselves and existence, we soften into our true nature and essence until we feel empowered to open our hearts to the world again. We remain flexible, but the structure of our (inner) mountain endures.

With Love,



Inês Souto Gonçalves

Hi! I am Inês.

Writer and Creator of Soulfulness, an online space for gentle and sensitive souls to unweave from the overwhelming 
rhythms and energies of the world and soften into their True Essence and Light while embodying and living the Divine 
on Earth.

You will love it here if you are a gentle and sensitive soul longing to soften into your true nature and essence, 
a deep-hearted soulpreneur or lightworker who feels called to slow down and share your gifts in a way that truly 
enlivens you, or an empath wanting to feel empowered in your unique way of being. 

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