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  • Inês Souto Gonçalves

Divine Healing

Nowadays, we often feel compelled to believe that most divine healing and spiritual practices are always positive and needed if we want to feel and maintain inner peace and balance within and in our lives. At the same time, many positive-thinking teachers and law of attraction experts defend that we should power through our negative thoughts, emotions, and overwhelming spiritual experiences. It's all in our hands, so we need to own it.

Divine Healing

Divine Healing for empaths and sensitive souls

In my experience as a gentle soul and a healer, I often find that these beliefs are certainly not beneficial to many empaths and sensitive souls who often end up feeling guilty, overwhelmed, and confused when they keep trying many healing modalities with little or no relief or when they come across someone or something that tells them they should be owning their pains and take full responsibility for their situation.

The thing is:

Divine Healing is about remembering and returning to the Soul and our True Essence, which is already Whole.

Many healing modalities and spiritual practices can be helpful. Many help us feel uplifted when we transmute dense energies and patterns from darkness into Consciousness and Light. However, we can often feel inclined to believe that there is always more to heal and that we should be doing more. We often use these beliefs to distance ourselves from the Truth and Wholeness available in the Here and Now.

Frequently, we lose ourselves in unconscious patterns (personal and collective) of "I am not good enough" and "If only I...then I will feel whole and at Peace."

Additionally, it can be challenging for empaths and sensitive souls to hear someone say that they should fully own their thoughts, emotions, and spiritual experiences. Why? Firstly, because they may not be theirs. Although We are One, in this dual reality is also healthy to have boundaries. Secondly, because as caring souls as they are, this often activates the worrier within. Instead of feeling empowered, many go deeper into guilt, believing something must be wrong with them. From this point of view, many start to feel or reinforce the belief that their sensitivity and empathy are a curse and not a gift.


In my vision and experience, Divine Healing is an awakening experience where we follow our Light, that hopeful and profound knowing we have that All is Well. Our Presence may show as a mere glimpse at first. By allowing It to Be and cultivating It through Awareness, our Presence will always guide us into Consciousness and our True nature and Essence.

From Presence, Divine Healing deeply nourishes our Being, uplifting away ego-based patterns, illusions, and false perceived ways of Being and doing.

These awakenings can't happen by force or striving for them to occur. Sometimes, they happen spontaneously. Sometimes by cultivating Awareness while surrendering to what is. While many healing practices can help us free our Being from heaviness and turmoils that can cloud our Awareness, if used from a place of non-Presence, they can be detrimental, particularly when we give our power away to others or to the overwhelming ways of the world that says we should do something instead of allowing ourselves to soften into our natural self and wisdom.

Let us surrender into Presence instead of chasing the illusions that distract us from embodying It.

With Love,



Inês Souto Gonçalves

Hi! I am Inês.

Writer and Creator of Soulfulness, an online space for gentle and sensitive souls to unweave from the overwhelming 
rhythms and energies of the world and soften into their True Essence and Light while embodying and living the Divine 
on Earth.

You will love it here if you are a gentle and sensitive soul longing to soften into your true nature and essence, 
a deep-hearted soulpreneur or lightworker who feels called to slow down and share your gifts in a way that truly 
enlivens you, or an empath wanting to feel empowered in your unique way of being. 

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