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  • Inês Souto Gonçalves

Finding your Highest Purposes (as a Lightworker)

As a healer and a coach, one of the main questions I often hear in our wonderful community of kindred souls is: what is my life mission? Many Lightworkers struggle to find an inner sense of spiritual purpose in their daily earthly life. I understand it. I've been there many times. Although clarity is always a work in process, filled with discoveries along the way, some years ago, I felt a divine sense of Higher Purpose locking in my Being.

From my experience,

we all have several life missions: some are personal, and some are more aligned with the highest collective work we feel we are here to do.

Too often we try to find meaning in our external life. While this can help tremendously, true clarity and alignment are inside us. We can harness them by healing our divine connection. We do so by releasing distorted views about what we should be doing (to feel loved, accepted, and safe). We do so by opening our hearts to the Love we came here to embody. If we don't love ourselves, we may perpetuate relationships and activities out of alignment with our divine truth.

Today, I felt inspired to share a video I recorded in 2022 in our Soulfulness community Facebook group, where I share more on how you can bring clarity and know what your Life Missions are as a Lightworker.

Although recorded a while ago, the message contained here is timeless. Just know that if you're watching this later, the energy and the blessing will be just the same:

If you prefer, you can read the improved transcription here:

Hello, dear Earth Angel! How are you? I am so happy you are here today.

I believe you know who I am. I am Inês, an Earth Angel, a Lightworker, and a Starseed.

Please let me know if you have heard about all these terms because, although they are more of an Essence than a definition, something that you embody at a particular time, these definitions helped me get clearer on my Highest Soul Missions.

If you are reading these words right now, the Angels inspire you to shine your Light into the world and invite you to go deeper into your life missions and the soulful lifestyles that nurture your mind, heart, body, and soul.

As Lightworkers, during our evolution, we are moving beyond ancestral patterns, personally and collectively, and embodying a new Earth.

I am so grateful that you are there, wherever that may be!

Finding your Highest life purposes as a Lightworker

As promised, I will share some insights about how you can find your highest purpose as a Lightworker. I will share my story because it may resonate and bring you insights.

Until a few years ago, I felt lost regarding my Soulful Life Missions. Perhaps you can relate to this. I was studying in Scotland and thought I was on the right path. However, suddenly, my path changed. I know now that moment was a breakthrough for me because it pushed me into the healing experiences I had to go through to become what I am today.

As sensitive souls and empaths, I know we have many breakthrough moments. However, during that spiritual awakening, I did feel that my Being aligned with my Highest Soulful Missions. Of course, we are forever changing and evolving. It's always a work in progress, but from that point on, something changed within.

Before that, I struggled a lot because I felt overwhelmed, always behind, like I was not on the right path. I constantly wondered what am I doing here? I kept asking this question and trying new courses and different trainings. I felt like I was going from one thing to another, sometimes never finishing anything.

During this long Dark Night of the Soul, because I believe we can have many, I also got physically ill. At that time, I felt I had no other option: I had to look within, heal myself, peel the layers, and move beyond ancestral patterns that were limiting me. After letting go and releasing a lot of the past traumas, old mentalities, and ways of doing things, I started to feel lighter. Until then, I was always overwhelmed by the emotions I was feeling because I was too sensitive. I believe most empaths can relate.

Before that awakening, I could not deal with my sensitivity. I did not have the tools. I did not believe in my empowered self. Because I felt disconnected from my Divine truth, I felt lost often.

I believe that one of our Soulful Life Missions as Lightworkers is to be the healing we wish to see in the world.

As we heal, we allow ourselves to deepen the connection to our Divine truth and start embodying It. It doesn't matter what we are doing in the external world. It is something that happens within. Something that clicks and gets locked in. We finally have the space because we have released so much. For once, we have the space to access the Divine truth that is always within our Being.

In my vision and my experience as a healer, this may be one of the ways we get clear on our Highest Life Missions. This clarity may come when we have these breakthrough moments, which can happen later in life, depending on our unique path.

That's wonderful. It's a work in progress. It's an unfolding process. It's also about letting go of the old illusions enough so that we feel lighter. From that point on, clarity will emerge.

It doesn't matter if we still feel confused at times. I still feel confused from time to time. I believe the confusion is part of the Mystery of Life. We can all go through very confusing times. Sometimes, confusion happens because we are going through a transition time in our lives, and things are not grounded yet. They are still changing, like we are. The Universe is still connecting the dots for us. That is okay.

As we feel empowered and remember our Divine connection, we realize that doing so is our Divine Mission here on Earth.

So, one of our Highest Soul Missions here on Earth is remembering our Divine Connection.

I am a healer and a coach. I help kindred souls overcome the limiting ideas and pains from the past and break free from the overwhelm so they can feel empowered to live and follow their Light towards the life of their highest Soulful missions and dreams.

I do believe that this is part of our mission,

as well, to be here on Earth experiencing and embodying this Essence, and manifesting our dreams from a place of Presence, from a place of being centered and peaceful within.

There are other simple practices you can try to bring clarity regarding your life missions. One of them is very simple and commonly shared in the coaching world. It has to do with your passions, particularly the ones you had when you were a kid or a teenager. Maybe you don't remember much about that time. Maybe you do. If you do, you can journal a little about what kind of books you liked back then, what kind of Tv shows, or what kind of characters inspired you and why. As you journal about that, I know you can find nuggets of wisdom. This journaling experience also allows you to reconnect with your inner child and your inner sense of wonder.

I'm a multi-passionate soulpreneur and activist. I am so many things. One of my greatest passions is sustainability. I remember that when I was a kid, I loved watching Captain Planet and the Planeteers on TV. When I think about it, they were magical because the Planeteers had rings that could harness the elements. When they joined forces, they could invoke Captain Planet, the mighty savior who always rescued our planet from a pollution crisis. I loved it so much! When I think about it, I still love it! In many ways, this passion is present in what I have been doing throughout my life. I found different pathways to be more sustainable on a daily basis, and I am also spreading the word. I even founded a citizen movement that is helping to mitigate plastic pollution.

So, think about the characters, TV shows, and books you loved back then and why. Journal a little bit about why they moved you so much. You will find nuggets of wisdom that will clarify your life missions here on Earth.

Another important Mission we may have as Lightworkers is embodying a Soulful lifestyle that most aligns with our Being.

Personally, this is fundamental to me. A few years ago, I was in Scotland, taking a course in sustainability. I thought that I was on the right path. I was ready to work in the corporate world, sustainability, and renewable energies. Then, when everything fell apart, the healer in me showed up after a physical illness experience.

I am sharing this with you because I believe our life experiences, even the hard ones, are essential. They build character and bring blessings in disguise if we are willing to see them. It is hard, I know. I have been there. My heart goes out to all who are suffering or going through a difficult time right now.

I believe that after we go through these difficult moments, miracles can happen. It is about embodying and receiving Grace and opening our hearts to Love. 

So, I was in Scotland, feeling unhappy and struggling to make ends meet. I got ill, and so I had to come back to my home country to heal myself and just be for a while. I had the opportunity to rediscover a lot of things. Things in Scotland just kept not moving. I tried to go back and finish the course because I had invested so much time and money. I went back only to get ill again. I finally understood I was not on my luminous path.

These life experiences show us the way and our path. It doesn't mean we must always follow the path of least resistance. It is not about that because sometimes we must go through hard learning experiences and breakthrough moments. 

However, if we are honest with ourselves, we know that certain places and paths are not for us. Our mind may want to tell us otherwise. However, our intuition and our wisdom know deeper. If it doesn't right away, sometimes things happen for us to go into our best and highest path. 

Experiences that are not right for us can provide clarity on what is. It is also about surrendering to the process while rediscovering our true dreams, our true longings in our hearts, our true passions, and honoring our sensitivity.

As Lightworkers, we are here as well to embody our highest self. 

I have met many Lightworkers in all kinds of professions and careers. Some of them love the corporate system. They are so needed there. However, some cannot fit in there. They need more time to deal with their sensitivity and to be in Nature. They need the flexibility and freedom of time. Our soulful ways of living are different. One can lead a soulful lifestyle anywhere, but some ecosystems bring out the best in us.

So, to some Lightworkers, part of their Divine Mission here on Earth is

to allow themselves to live a lifestyle that mirrors their true nature. Their mission is to pave the way for what is possible for others and the new world we are all co-creating. 

I hope this message resonated with you and that it brings Clarity and some practical ways for you to connect more deeply with your Highest Soul Missions as a Lightworker. 

If you are ready to go deeper into your self-discovery journey regarding your Highest Life Purposes, I recommend booking a free soulful call with me. You can do so here.  

Finally, I would love to know what resonated the most with you in this Soulfulness blog post. Let us chat about it in the comments.

With Love,



Inês Souto Gonçalves

Hi! I am Inês.

Writer and Creator of Soulfulness, an online space for gentle and sensitive souls to unweave from the overwhelming 
rhythms and energies of the world and soften into their True Essence and Light while embodying and living the Divine 
on Earth.

You will love it here if you are a gentle and sensitive soul longing to soften into your true nature and essence, 
a deep-hearted soulpreneur or lightworker who feels called to slow down and share your gifts in a way that truly 
enlivens you, or an empath wanting to feel empowered in your unique way of being. 

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