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Inês Souto Gonçalves - BIO


I am Inês Souto Gonçalves, a Heart-centered Healer and Soulful Coach.  My Mission is to empower you to Remember and Return to your True Essence so that you can fully shine your Light in the World.

The Dream

All dreams have a story, a mission, a reason to exist.

Soulfulness is a materialized vision, a healing journey in which
I have grown and continue to evolve as a human being i
n constant transformation,
while creating the joyful and abundant life I always dreamed of.

And because it's never too late or because we're never alone, above all, I

want to contribute to building a better world,
more aware and compassionate,

where each of us lives happily and inspiredly
from our truest passions and
aspirations -
Remembering that each human being has within themselves
an unlimited power of transformation and renewal.

Whatever the past or current circumstances,
it is always possible to recreate and transcend.
In small or large steps,
with practice, awareness, commitment, and dedic
the path becomes lighter -

Remembering that dreams, magic and true joy of living
exist to become Reality!






One day I heard: “We live two lives. One to learn and one to really live.” I found it very interesting. Somehow, it resonated deeply in my Being. Of course, I believe we have many lives and that learning is a path with no beginning, middle, or end.


However, without a doubt, I feel that a new Inês was born several years ago: the Soulful Healer & Coach that I have been since then. Although the timeless Essence of my Soul was always there, several years ago, I used to live aimlessly, at the mercy of life and the pain of the deepest wounds of my Being. I was me, but I felt burdened with my soulful pain and the suffering of my Heart. In a way, I felt like a victim of my circumstances. I did not feel entirely capable of taking responsibility for my path, evolution, negativity, problems, sensitivity, and spirituality.


And so today, for all those who feel that they still have not found their path and/or continue to suffer to a greater or lesser degree and still carry on and have faith, I would like to say that I admire you immensely!


I believe that persevering despite everything is one of the greatest braveries we can have and be.


This great bravery may give us the courage to seek help and believe that change is possible.


If I could do it, I believe that anyone dedicated to doing what is necessary to make this possible in their life can and will too. This is my Greatest Message of Possibility and Hope. Today, I hope that you open (at least a little more) your Heart to receive it!

Inês Souto Gonçalves - BIO

About Me

Intuitive from birth in Évora (Portugal), I grew up in Lisbon quite logical and rational, where I lived enchanted until I was 30 years old. I grew up fascinated with the luminous colors and hills of the city, its rich and diverse neighborhoods, and the water of the Tagus River already smelling like the sea. In Lisbon, I fell in love with associative work for the greater common good, with multiple activities as a volunteer, always without political or religious affiliation, at the University (IST) and in the city.

Having an academic background in Science (biological engineering and green technology), I have always had a curious mind, avid for new information. I feel in my element when I find myself in any activity that involves solving problems, either human, in the community, or in the science arena (I became a math and chemistry tutor in my university days in Lisbon), where I can combine my creativity and intuition to visible material results.

Because I always dreamed of becoming a planeteer - a peaceful warrior who defends the well-being and preservation of our wonderful planet Earth and the beings that inhabit Her - I decided to take a course in Scotland in Green Technologies (SRUC) in 2011. However, I returned halfway through it to Portugal for personal and professional reasons. I realized that to be a leader in sustainability, I would first have to become internally sustainable and effectively combine the resources and techniques I had acquired over time with the intuitive and empathic qualities I was born with.

After a few years of living, studying, and working between Portugal and Scotland, I am back in my home country, fully committed to my life here, with my family and soulmate, and joyfully dedicated to my online business and dream: Soulfulness By Inês.

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