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  • Inês Souto Gonçalves

Angels and Ancestors - Pick-a-card Reading

Hello, dear Earth Angel! I hope you are well, wherever you are in the world.

Today, I felt guided to share a Pick-a-card Reading with the Angels and Ancestors. This Message is timeless, so if you are here now, know that this is the perfect time to receive it!

Pause for a moment.

Angels and Ancestors - Pick-a-card Reading
Angels and Ancestors - Pick-a-card Reading

Ask for guidance and light, and open your heart to receive the Message from the Angels and Ancestors. You can choose Card 1 (Left), 2 (Center), and (or) 3 (Right).

Your Angels and Ancestors - Pick-a-card Reading is now available:

Card 1 - In times of change, trust your talents

Card 1 - In times of change, trust your talents

If you chose Card 1, the Spirit of the Fox wishes to inspire you to embrace and trust your Talents and Gifts as they will always be your Light, especially during phases of change, adaptation, and uncertainty.

The Fox Spirit Medicine reminds us how important it is to be Present. Stay alert.

Throughout our evolution, we often face challenges, adversity, and change. Although often uncomfortable, these events are also invitations to Overcoming, Transcendence, and Consciousness. They also make it possible to strengthen our Faith in Life, Creation, and ourselves and to consolidate our character and the integrity of our highest values.

Trust your divine ability to follow your Soulful paths with Light and overcome challenges and obstacles. The Spirit of the Fox brings you resilience, adaptability, and capacity for survival, even in the face of adversity and change. Often, it also allows you to go unnoticed in toxic and conflicting environments, circumstances, people, and energies. Sometimes, having the ability to become “invisible” can be a powerful protective gift.

For some Earth Angels, in particular, the Fox Medicine also reminds and reawakens the primitive wisdom we all possess to “survive” in this World, which can sometimes feel dense and rough to many sensitive souls. Despite your sensitivity, feel how you have within you the divine gift to tread your unique path in safety. Now is the time to trust your instincts and intuition more and make your choices from your Higher intelligence.

Card 2 - Embrace the Energy of Peace

Card 2 - Embrace the Energy of Peace

The Essence of Broken Arrow brings Peace, Harmony, Tranquility, and Cooperation. If you chose Card 2, the Essence of the broken arrow announces a period of Peace in your life or inspires you to embrace the Energy of Peace as a way of being the Light you want to see in the World.

Faced with adversity, conflict, and difficulties, we often develop shields and fortresses in our Being. While they are helpful sometimes when we need protection, they can also close our Hearts to receiving Love and Light.

Broken Arrow Medicine reminds you that it is safe to relax and release the tensions you may still carry in your Being due to past painful experiences. It is also safe to open yourself deeply to Love.

For the Earth Angels who feel that they still live in a fortress and that this is the only way to be safe, know that your Guides and Angels are always with you, protecting your steps at all times. Engage in activities and healing modalities that support the release of tension in your body as a way to release it on all levels.

For some Earth Angels, the Broken Arrow Medicine heralds a period of Tranquility and Peace in your outer and inner lives. Allow yourself to be the channel of Peace that the World needs so much right now, and embrace the guidance arising from this lighthearted state of Being.

Card 3 - You're Never Alone

Card 3 - You're Never Alone

The Light of the Angels brings security, protection, support, and divine guidance. If you chose Card 3, your Guardian Angels wish to remind you: "You are never alone. Breathe deeply and feel our Presence and Message of Hope and Light from Heaven."

Pay attention to the signs you receive and open your Being and Heart to deepen your Connection with the Divine with the support and Love of the Angels.

For some Earth Angels, this is the confirmation sign you've been looking for. Your Angels and Guides always surround you! And they are always at your disposal for whatever you need. Also, feel how they are always aware of your concerns. With Unconditional Love, without limits of space and time, they light up your life with miracles, blessings, and solutions.

For many Earth Angels, the Guardian Angels Feather Medicine comes to reawaken your angelic and celestial essence more deeply. Feel how you are an Angel on Earth and how part of your Mission is to elevate Humanity through your evolution and spiritual elevation. You are never alone!, including here on the Planet, where so many other Earth Angels are with you in Heart and Soul, walking their path and channeling their unique Light.

It was a joy to contribute! I hope the Messages from the Angels and Ancestors bring you many blessings.



If you wish to deepen your Card Reading with personalized Angel Light Messages channeled just for you, I would love to connect through one of my private Soulfulness Card Readings here.


Inês Souto Gonçalves

Hi! I am Inês.

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