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  • Inês Souto Gonçalves

The Archangels and Their Divine Missions

Archangels are the supervising Angels of our Guardian Angels and other Celestial Beings. In their Essence, they are Beings of Light that vibrate at a very high frequency, each one mirroring, integrating, and representing special and unique attributes and Divine qualities.


The Archangels make up one of the 3 Choirs of Angels (there are 9 in total) closest to human beings and the Planet so that, like Guardian Angels, they are always with us in our day-to-day and throughout our lives.

Their mission is to support, elevate, and guide Humanity, acting with Love and Light according to Divine Will.

Archangels are Celestial Beings of immense Power and Light. They are larger than other Angels! Although they are immaterial, non-physical beings, it is possible to feel their amplified Power and Presence when we connect with their Essence.

Like all Light Beings, the Archangels always respect our free will, generally intervening only when we ask them for support or guidance. Their energy always emanates Unconditional Love, Lightness, and Heavenly Peace. Although they do not have a specific gender, their Essence, depending on their Missions, can be felt as male or female.

Because their Divine Mission is to support Humanity, Archangels have been mentioned throughout the centuries in various spiritual texts and religions. However, like all Angels,

Archangels are beings of God who support all human beings regardless of their culture, origin, beliefs, or religion.

Their Light transcends time and space, allowing them to be present with countless people in various locations at the same time. Because they have no time restrictions, they can guide us and bring support from the higher Divine Consciousness, contemplating our past, present, and future simultaneously.

Anyone can contact the Archangels and ask for their Support, Love, and Guidance. To do so, just ask and truly open yourself to receive their Light! You don't need any rituals, prayers, or specific practices, although you may incorporate them if they help you achieve the Divine Connection you seek. From your heart, it is enough to invoke their presence and ask for their help, including in silence, just having that intention in your request.

The number of Archangels recognized as "true" (and those mentioned in various spiritual and religious texts) varies greatly. Even for the same number of Archangels, their mentioned names or their pronunciation also differ depending on the source of information used. Therefore, there is no universal consensus about the number of Archangels that coexist in the Universe. Most probably, thousands fulfill their luminous mission behind the scenes and in other planes and dimensions (even though many do not possess a properly documented name).

With Love,



Inês Souto Gonçalves

Hi! I am Inês.

Writer and Creator of Soulfulness, an online space for gentle and sensitive souls to unweave from the overwhelming 
rhythms and energies of the world and soften into their True Essence and Light while embodying and living the Divine 
on Earth.

You will love it here if you are a gentle and sensitive soul longing to soften into your true nature and essence, 
a deep-hearted soulpreneur or lightworker who feels called to slow down and share your gifts in a way that truly 
enlivens you, or an empath wanting to feel empowered in your unique way of being. 

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