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Inês Souto Gonçalves

Follow your Light

towards your

Highest Life Missions &

Truest Heart Dreams

Soulfulness  is an online space for gentle and sensitive souls to unweave from the overwhelming rhythms and energies of the world and soften into their true Essence and Light while embodying and living the Divine on Earth.


I am Inês, (forever) a dreamer with my feet firmly grounded on the earth, a soulpreneur & gentle alchemist, a peaceful activist on behalf of the Planet and all beings that inhabit her, totally dedicated to my Mission:

Through Presence, I am here to create a Sacred Space where you can remember and return to Your True Essence and shine your Light in the World while manifesting the Life of your purest Dreams & Visions, fully aligned with your highest Soul Missions.

Inês Souto Gonçalves
Divine Healing

Divine Healing

Emotional and Spiritual Wellness & Empowerment for empaths and sensitive souls

Divine Wisdom & Clarity

Luminous card Messages and Pick a card Readings.

Angelic Guidance and Upliftment

Spiritual Guidance
Soulful Life and Business

Soulful Living + Business

Less busyness, more aliveness. Living + building a business that feels natural and gentle to Soulpreneurs and Lightworkers

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